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A lot like me | 28 Mar 2012, 6:18pm
It's been a month and half when I reluctantly entered the city to take up job, and earn my bread. Job having been less than satisfying,  I turned to city, but It appeared bland with all its dryness and untidy atmosphere. I have been in Bangalore whose wheather is irresistibly addictive. Hyd is far more scorching than I expected. but, there is one thing I found an aberration with it is its uncouth behavior.  People are not as humble and well mannered as in karnataka. Andhra people are rough, and doesn't fit in the usual quirky south indian hospitality. It's a lot like any North Indian city, which with all its wrongs looks style and make people to sink in the joy it enmeshes with it.  so far, ok going, all i can say.

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A lot like me | 28 Mar 2012, 6:17pm
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